New York Model Management

Designing the new headquarters for New York Model Management, one of the most powerful and successful modeling agencies in the industry, was truly an honor and inspiring experience. The space in essence is an exercise of simple design unified by the repetition of materials, curved shapes and blue accents; it’s a lesson in less-is-more that serves as a backdrop for the everchanging fashion and modeling world.

The well-functioning and industry specific spaces are a reflection of the continuous collaboration between the owner and agency team throughout the programmatic phase all the way thru the details of the work areas and how each should function. The space is flexible, allowing for growth, and more importantly it’s an inviting and comfortable environment for the entire staff and models the agency represents.

Design Collaboration: James Michael Angelo, JMA Design

Construction: Rafferty Brothers
MEP Consultants: Jack Green Associates
Upholstery: Eli Shade and Interiors
Furniture: Empire Office Inc/ steelcase (Mike Maltz)
Photography: Allyson Lubow

DCM Design Center Marmotech

We focused our creative thinking and programmatic skills in Marmotech’s expansive new showroom to reinvent how they do business and showcase a multitude of architectural products including stone, porcelain, mosaics, plumbing fixtures, kitchens and closets.

Design Center Marmotech is developed in 5 levels, 4 interior exhibition spaces and 1 exterior event space. We designed the interior of each level as a neutral flexible backdrop that provides maximum flexibility for change and growth. Every stand and product exhibition is movable and adaptable to new trends and products.

Collaboration was key. We coordinated with local consultants, worked hand in hand with the building architects, and developed the program and interiors thru dedicated discussions with the company’s team.

Jean Santelises. Studio BLS Architects

Viajes Alkasa Blue Mall

Planning a vacation is an adventure and social experience in itself, J7 was tasked with developing a new branch identity for Viajes Alkasa that encourages this kind of experiential interaction.

The walls and ceiling are an all-encompassing surface that lead you in and set the stage. Imbedded in that surface are recessed bookcases with travel books and accessories that tell a story of far flung locations. The main counter serves as the location for first introductions and then the multiple seating areas allow for a personalized comfortable planning conversation.

The space constitutes an airy clean environment accentuated by the company’s colors used in creative ways through the pattern in the carpeting, lighting and accessories.

M5 Exhibitions

Coverings serves as the world stage for Marmotech to present and exhibit its 5 locally extracted natural stone products. Every year is a challenge and opportunity to create a unique exhibition that showcases their products in a new light.
All components are custom designed and engineered with the purpose of highlighting the company’s fabrication ingenuity, capacity, and product variety. Custom stone light fixtures and furniture, carved stone moldings and surfaces, as well as slabs and mosaics are used in a cohesive composition creating a memorable experience and unforgettable marketing tool for Marmotech.

Jean Santelises. Studio BLS Architects