Gural Residence

A full gut demo on a quintessential NY Greenwich Villag street., this apartment presented itself as a great opportunity to focus on design details, materials and innovative layout changes to create a warm inviting home.

Jean Santelises. Studio BLS Architects

MEG65 Residence

Located in one of Robert A.M. Stern renowned residential buildings, this renovation brought new life and energy into our clients home. The Foyer, Powder room, Kitchen and Master Bathroom re-design fused old world sensibility with a nuanced modern aesthetic. Different wood finishes, elaborate marble floors and a varied wallcovering selection were all materials used for the new palatte.

Careful consideration was taken to blend both spaces as we opened the kitchen to the living room creating a more interactive space.

The detailed marble floor in the Master Bathroom sets the tone for a luxurious experience highlighted by the stone frame sink vanity and make up counter.

Jean Santelises. Studio BLS Architects

454LR Residence

Nominated a Historic District in 1973, Park Slope is one of the Brooklyn neighborhoods most coveted for family living. Its tree lined streets and single family homes were the perfect environment for this growing family. With the goal of preserving and restoring its original detailing, we embarked on a modernizing feat to update all the systems and finishes in a house not touched in over 80 years.

To achieve this simbiosis of modernizing and respecting the past, all the electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems were delicately inserted through the 4 levels of the residence. New materials used were contemporary and clean lined and most importantly complemented the original details of the home.

Jean Santelises. Studio BLS Architects

130F Residence

Through initial project discussions, emerged the intention to develop a creative and thought-out concept re-imagining all spaces while studying the notions of privacy and open plan to accommodate a family of 5. The client’s original goals of integrating the kitchen with the Living/ Dining Room areas and improving the existing heating and cooling system became the seed for a transformative rethinking how the family used their space.

We created flexible and fluid spaces, studied all oportunities for direct and indirect lighting, and used modern materials to complement the original structure of vaulted ceilings and cast iron columns. The result, a true family loft living experience.

Jean Santelises. Studio BLS Architects

UES61 Residence

Jean Santelises introduced into the core of this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment a singular millwork structure that greatly improved its living spaces. The apartment gained a new entry Foyer, a dedicated work area set off from the main living room and a storage and tv wall that serves as the focal point for the Entertainment spaces.

Inspired by Vico Magistretti’s 1977 Atollo Oro lamp, the interior furniture and accessories selected are clean lined and modern with an enveloping warm hue. Integrated with the millwork is a carefully selected collection of artwork that enhances the architecture and furnishings generating a cohesive environment to live, a refuge from the busy NYC streets.

SJW56 Residence

A blank slate perched atop the 66th floor of a NYC highrise, this apartment presented itself as a great opportunity to focus on design details, materials and furnishings to create a warm inviting home.

From entering the apartment it becomes evident that textures and wood paneling were an integral part of the design. Wood panels create a welcoming Foyer, define functional space in the Living Room and become sources of concealed light. The open kitchen generates a sense of amplitude and adapts traditional separation of functions to modern living.

New architectural details, textured wallcoverings, integrated lighting, furnishings, rugs and window treatments enhanced the original apartment virtues and added a layer of elegance and comfort desired by the clients.

Jean Santelises. Studio BLS Architects

L15 Residence

This project serves as a record of how architecture and design shape our daily lives. Traditional formal spaces were transformed into casual environments through the use of warm finishes, textured fabrics, custom furniture and lighting, as well as a blend of accessories, artwork and family heirlooms. With great amenities and one of the city’s most prominent park views, this residence is the ideal retreat for city living.

Site constraints led to innovative ways of sculpting the programmatic spaces desired. Collaborations with local artisans led to the incorporation of traditional and local materials implemented with a modern creative aesthetic.

Jean Santelises. Studio BLS Architects

C2H Residence

This weekend home 2 hours away from NYC is the perfect example of a transformative experience. Originally a church, it is now an open lofty home for its owners. Restored details and stained glass windows serve as the backdrop for country living, the imprint of the church pews in the wood plank flooring, a reminder of its previous life. The choir mezzanine was converted into the Master Bedroom, a new expansive glass wall brings in the surrounding natural setting, and a modern curved divider in the middle of the hall generates multiple spaces for living.

Every detail was delicately preserved and new work executed by the owners themselves. A true hands on transformation and collaboration.

Jean Santelises. Studio BLS Architects

RA21 Residence

The success of this weekend retreat comes from the design intent that all spaces are directly connected to the exterior. The pool area and gardens become the focal point of all activities and the first view when entering the home. This relationship creates a unique atmosphere perfectly adapted to its natural environment. The modern open plan is balanced by traditional tropical forms, natural materials and warm custom lighting.

The villa transports all its visitors to a place and experience where the nature and architecture are mixed with incredible delicacy and mutual respect.